How To Patent An Idea — The Basics of Patenting: Patent Your Idea to Make It More Valuable

If you are planning to make a deal with a manufacturing company, it’s very likely you will be required to present a patent.

In the United States of America, the patent issued by the Government allows the individual to prevent other people from producing, utilizing, selling or offering to sell the patented item within the boundaries of the US, or import it into the country. In order to be eligible for a patent the invention has to possess new characteristics and not be apparent for an average expertise. This means, that you will not be able to receive a patent for a law of nature, supposition or printed material as discussed on

Kinds of patents:

Utility patent. This kind of patent is aimed at protecting the rights of an individual for a novelty in technology they came up with, e.g. mechanisms, machines, chemical compounds etc. The period of protection by the patent starts on the very day of the patent being granted, and lasts for 20 years from the day the inventor applied for the patent. This kind of patent is the most widespread.

Patent for a design. This patent allows protecting the product’s original ornamental design; this kind, however, does not cover the design philosophy or functioning characteristics. In this respect, patents for a design are more narrow and specific. They last for 14 years starting from the day the patent was granted.

Plant patent is issued in case an individual makes a discovery of a new species of plant, and manages to reproduce it by grafting and cutting. The new kind must be clearly different from the ones commonly known.

There are much more in the patenting process and you can find detailed guide at

Types of patents

Utility Patent – This may be granted for a machine, a process, an article of manufacture, a composition of matter, or an improvement thereof. To be patentable, the invention must be new and useful to a person skilled in the art. A utility patent will not be granted on a useless device, on printed matter, on a method of doing business, or on a machine which will not operate such as a perpetual motion device. A utility patent lasts for 20 years from the date of filing. It is non renewable.

Design Patent – This is quite different. A design patent is issued for any new, original and ornamental design for an article of manufacture. Only the appearance of the item is considered, the working parts are not relevant. The term for a design patent is 14 years from date of issuance. It is non renewable.

Provisional Application for Patent – Officially started on June 8, 1995 by the patent office. It allows filing without a formal patent claim, oath or declaration, or any information or prior art disclosure. It provides a means to establish an early effective date in a patent application and allows “PATENT PENDING” to be applied. It provides the inventor with a one-year period to further develop the invention, determine marketability, acquire funding or capital, or seek licensing agreements. To obtain a patent, the inventor must file a utility patent application within 12 months of the filing date of the provisional application and it would be best to hire a professional agency such as InventHelp to make a process easier.

Plant Patent – This patent protects invented or discovered asexually reproduced plant varieties. Some examples are, Hybrid Tea Roses, Silver Queen Corn, and Better Boy Tomatoes. A plant patent lasts for 20 years from date of issuance.

Patent Search – A patent search is an important part of the patent process. It is highly recommended that an inventor have a patent search completed prior to any patent application. A proper search can be performed by a patent attorney or patent agent.

Disclosure Document Program – The disclosure document program is NOT a patent or patent application. It is a registration of the invention with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It establishes a date of priority. That means that on the date the patent office receives your disclosure document registration, you are on file as the inventor of that idea. The inventor CANNOT say “patent pending”. The registration will last for two (2) years and will then be destroyed unless referred to in a patent application within the 2 year period. More useful information at

Pakkeshops og pakkeindleveringssteder

Nethandlen i Danmark sætter år for år nye rekorder. Vi danskere er simpelthen vilde med at handle i nettets mange webshops. Den stigende nethandel har betydet, at markedet for pakkepost er eksploderet. I dag er der derfor mange fragtfirmaer på markedet for pakkepost.Det giver en sundkonkurrence og masser af fleksibilitet for kunderne.

Men den store konkurrence giver også masser af muligheder for dig,som erhvervsdrivende når du skal have dine varer fragtet ud til kunden. Her er der både penge at spare ved at vælge den billigste leverandør, men det giver dig også et større udbud af indleveringssteder og pakkeshops at vælge imellem.

Der er altid en pakkeshop elleret pakkeindleveringssted i nærheden

Tidligere var det næsten udelukkende posthusene, der håndterede pakkeforsendelser. Det er ikke tilfældet i dag hvor markedet eråbent for konkurrence. Nu er der er masser af firmaer, der tilbyder at fragte dine varer ud til kunderne. Er du erhvervsdrivende og har du en forretning, hvor du tilbyder at sende dine varer til kunderne, giver det mange fordele.

Konkurrencen betyder nemlig, at antallet af pakkeindleveringssteder er steget markant de senere år. Det giver masser af fleksibilitet når du skal sende pakker til kunderne og der er næsten altid et pakkeindleveringssted lige i nærheden, når du skal sende dine varer til kunderne.

Et af de firmaer, der har udvidet kraftigst i Danmark de seneste 10 år er GLS, som i 2015 rådede over 1.150 pakkeshops. Antallet af GLS pakkeshops, er mere end 7 doblet siden 2006. Men der er flere andre fragtfirmaer, der tilbyder at levere din pakke og som har indleveringssteder. Firmaer som: DAO pakkeshop, Post Nord, BRING, UPS og DHL er alle fragtfirmaer, der benytter sig af pakkeshops og pakkeindleveringssteder.

Lange åbningstider giver fleksibilitet

En anden fordel er, at pakkeshopsofte er en del af tankstationer eller supermarkeder, derhar lange åbningstider. Derved har du mulighed for at indlevere dine forsendelser hos pakkeindleveringsstedet om aftenen. Det giver dig og din forretning fleksibilitet, da du ikke er tvunget til at indlevere dine forsendelser inden kl. 17.30 hver dag. Du har derimod en større tidsmæssig fleksibilitet til at passe indleveringen ind i din travle hverdag.

Brug kortet til at finde den nærmeste pakkeshop

Vi har gjort det nemt for dig at finde den nærmeste pakkeshop eller pakkeindleveringssted. Du skal blot klikke på leverandøren og finde indleveringsstederne på kortet.

Kilde til fakta vedr. GLS