How To Patent An Idea — The Basics of Patenting: Patent Your Idea to Make It More Valuable

How To Patent An Idea — The Basics of Patenting: Patent Your Idea to Make It More Valuable

If you are planning to make a deal with a manufacturing company, it’s very likely you will be required to present a patent.

In the United States of America, the patent issued by the Government allows the individual to prevent other people from producing, utilizing, selling or offering to sell the patented item within the boundaries of the US, or import it into the country. In order to be eligible for a patent the invention has to possess new characteristics and not be apparent for an average expertise. This means, that you will not be able to receive a patent for a law of nature, supposition or printed material as discussed on

Kinds of patents:

Utility patent. This kind of patent is aimed at protecting the rights of an individual for a novelty in technology they came up with, e.g. mechanisms, machines, chemical compounds etc. The period of protection by the patent starts on the very day of the patent being granted, and lasts for 20 years from the day the inventor applied for the patent. This kind of patent is the most widespread.

Patent for a design. This patent allows protecting the product’s original ornamental design; this kind, however, does not cover the design philosophy or functioning characteristics. In this respect, patents for a design are more narrow and specific. They last for 14 years starting from the day the patent was granted.

Plant patent is issued in case an individual makes a discovery of a new species of plant, and manages to reproduce it by grafting and cutting. The new kind must be clearly different from the ones commonly known.

There are much more in the patenting process and you can find detailed guide at

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